Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e

Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e


您正在找 Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e 這本書嗎?

這本 Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e 在博客來就可以買的到!

而且在博客來訂購 Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e 還享有優惠價唷!


購買 Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e 自己可以選擇是否要使用7-11取書(貨)服務,亦或是選擇使用宅配到府服務,真的很方便!

底下是 Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e 的內容簡介

Summit develops confident English speakers able to navigate the social and professional situations they will encounter in their lives. It delivers immediate, demonstrable results through its goals- and achievement-based pedagogy and continual recycling of language.

Summit offers more ready-to-use teacher resources than any course available today.

Key features of the new edition

?All new and updated content

?Greatly increased grammar, reading, listening, and writing practice, plus extra digital exercises

?Conversation Activator videos to build communicative competence

?Discussion Activator videos to increase quality and quantity of expression

?A Test-taking Skills Booster to help stu(and extra challenge exercises) help students succeed in the reading and listening sections of standardized tests


?MyEnglishLab is an online learning platform that offers personalized practice in all four skills, with feedback on errors and access to Grammar Coach videos.

?ActiveTeach is a powerful multimedia teaching resource that includes a digital version of the Student’s Book with interactive whiteboard tools, complete lesson plans, assessment tools, and access to audio, video , and interactive exercises, plus hundreds of printable extension activities.

?Listen to博客來書局網路書店 the Classroom Audio Program

?anytime, anywhere: download the mp3 files from or get the Summit Go app, which provides speed control, navigation, and audio transcripts.

?Student’s Book with or without MyEnglishlab


?Teacher’s Edition and博客來網路書店 Lesson Planner

?Full-Course Placement Tests printable and online

?Assessment online in MyEnglishLab and printable from ActiveTeach

?Classroom Audio Program (CDs)

Summit 1 and Summit 2 are designed to follow the four-level Top Notch course. Top Notch takes students from CEF A1 to B1+ (20-59 on the Global Scale of English).


  • 出版社:東華


  • 出版日期:2017/01/01
  • 語言:英文

商品網址: Summit (2) ActiveTeach DVD-ROM-1片 3-e





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